Prime Minister's Online Shopping; This is what I bought on Women's...

Prime Minister’s Online Shopping; This is what I bought on Women’s Day


  • The Prime Minister with a surprise for women entrepreneurs on Women’s Day
  • The products of the women’s self-help groups in the country were purchased online
  • Most beautiful shoals purchased

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s online shopping spree on Women’s Day. He bought 8 products online for Rs 11,985. Shopping conducted from the online portal of Kudumbasree in Kerala

The shopping was also to promote women’s self-help groups and small entrepreneurs on Women’s Day. The Prime Minister himself said that shopping is part of the celebration of women’s creativity, Indian culture and entrepreneurship. He himself shared pictures of the products he bought on Twitter.

He first logged on to the Tribes India website and bought an embroidered shawl. He bought a cotton shawl worth Rs 2,910 woven by the Thoda tribe of Tamil Nadu. He later bought a completely hand-painted gond paper painting. This is a painting for 567 rupees. It was a tribal painting in Bhopal.

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We pay attention to the Prime Minister’s shawls and beautiful stalls. Most of the shoals he bought were of a beautiful shawl made by artists in Nagaland. The price was 2800 rupees.
He bought another beautiful stall of Madhubani paintings from artists in Bihar. The price was Rs 1,299.

Another item he bought was a cotton file folder woven by the tribals of West Bengal. The price was 222 rupees. The purchase was from the Tribes India portal. Another stall he bought from a weaver in Assam was priced at Rs 1950. The Prime Minister had made the purchase from the Kudumbasree Bazaar portal in Kerala. He bought the chandelier as a handicraft. The price was Rs 2237


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