IndiaPSLV-C51 rocket successfully launched with 19 satellites: PM Modi on satellite

PSLV-C51 rocket successfully launched with 19 satellites: PM Modi on satellite

Andhra Pradesh with 19 satellites, including Brazil’s Amazonia Sriharikota The PSLV-C51 rocket was successfully launched from the Sathees Thawan launch pad this morning.

Sathees Thawan satellite with Prime Minister Modi’s photo engraved on it has also been launched. In 2021 ISRO It was the first rocket to be launched into space.

78th rocket launched from Sriharikota and PSLV Notably, it is the 53rd rocket in the division.

The 26-hour countdown to the launch of the PSLV-C51 rocket from the first launch pad at Sriharikota began at 8.54 am yesterday.

At the end of the countdown, the PSLV-51 rocket landed in Brazil at 10.24 this morning Amazonia In addition to the satellite, Chennai-based Space Kids India successfully launched 19 satellites, including the SD Sat satellite.

Newspace India Limited (NSIL), the commercial arm of ISRO, is the first commercial launch of a Brazilian satellite. With this for the first time ISRO The company also gets foreign exchange.

This PSLV The C-51 rocket is powered by Brazil’s Amazonia-1 satellite, India’s Sathees Thawan satellite, GT Chaat, GHRCE satellite, Sri Shakti satellite and Defense Department’s Sindhu Netra. Apart from this the US space BEE as a whole as Mexico’s Nano Connect satellites 19 satellites Have been paid into the sky.

3 satellites manufactured on behalf of Spacekits India, Unity Chad, satellites of Sri Sakthi Institute of Engineering College, Coimbatore, JPR College, Sriperumbudur, GH Raisoni College, Nagpur.

In Brazil Amazonia The satellite has been sent to monitor Amazon deforestation projects and to study the forest environment and agricultural environment. Amazonia The satellite weighs 637 kg.

This PSLV The rocket is developed in 4 stages. The first and 3rd stages are filled with solid fuel and the 2nd and 4th stages are filled with liquid fuel.

The PS4 engine will be shut down within 17 minutes of the satellites’ launch and the main satellite, Brazil’s Amazonia satellite, will be shut down. After 58 minutes the rocket engine will be restarted and the remaining 18 satellites will be stationed in the next 4 minutes. In total the rocket will travel 2 hours and 8 minutes.


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