Rainstorm in AP .. Heavy loss of life, ongoing flood calm

Rainstorm in AP .. Heavy loss of life, ongoing flood calm


  • 24 dead, 17 lost
  • Crop loss in 23,345 hectares in four districts
  • The AP government has announced an immediate relief of Rs 7 crore

Along with the three districts in Rayalaseema due to the impact of the cyclone .. Nellore district was severely damaged. Unexpected levels of flooding have left many survivors stranded in the water. In Chittoor, Nellore and Kadapa, dams filled up and people from the hinterland sprouted trees. The government has released preliminary estimates of the damage caused by the floods.

The rains affected 172 zones in Anantapur, Chittoor, Kadapa and Nellore districts, officials said. So far 24 people have died due to the floods and 17 have been reported missing. In the four districts combined, 23,345 hectares of crop was damaged and 19,644 hectares of horticultural crops were damaged, officials said. The government has released Rs 7 crore as emergency relief.

Worse conditions in Kadapa district

The flood is creating havoc in Kadapa district. The Annamayya project was heavily flooded from the Fincha project at the top. The landslide washed away the Annamayya project nearby. On the other hand, a heavy flood flowed into the Cheyeru river.

Due to the erosion of the Annamayya Reservoir, the catchment areas of Gundluru, Seshamambapuram and Mandapally were submerged. Authorities estimate that about 30 to 40 people have been abducted. While the information that this number will be even higher. The Nandulur-Rajampeta railway track was washed away for a kilometer due to the floods. As a result, train services came to a standstill.

The Cheyeru river flooded the town of Rajampet. Floodwaters are flowing over the bridge. Scenes of Rajampet town being submerged are going viral on social media. As the floodwaters receded, people in many villages climbed hills and buildings to save their lives. Three bodies were recovered at Nandalur. On the other hand, buses were caught in the flood near Rajampet. A bus was washed away in the flood. Twelve people were abducted from the Polaputhur Shiva temple in the Rajampeta zone for not attending Karthika pujas.

The situation in Thirumala is like this ..
Heavy rains and floods have lashed Tirumala Tirupati for the past three days. Due to the heavy rains in Thirumala, the waterfalls overflowed the Seshachalam hills. With this, the Kapilathirtha waterfalls also became violent. For the past two days, the waterfall at the Kapileswaraswamy Temple has been overflowing. During this period, the dome of the Kapilathirtha temple collapsed due to the onslaught of flood waters. However, no casualties were reported as no one was present at the temple at the time. Authorities are cleaning up the rubble.

On Saturday morning, the rains subsided but Tirupati was not flooded. With the lifting of the three gates of the Kalyani Dam, all the rain water is reaching Perur on a large scale. With this, the Peruru pond was cut off. Many parts of the town were submerged as the floodwaters diverted into the town of Tirupati.

Homes are submerged and people are in dire straits. People in Vaikunthapuram, YR Palli, Shantinagar and other places were trapped in the waterlogging. Were in a situation where they could not get out beyond the threshold. There is a situation where outsiders, officials and even public representatives cannot go to the affected areas.

Constable killed while trying to rescue those in danger.
NDRF Constable Kella Srinivasu of Vijayanagaram District Fifth Battalion came to the rescue of flood victims in Nellore district. He was engaged in relief work at Damaramadugu, Buchireddypalem Mandal. However, the life jacket worn by the Srinivasans was cut off at once.

He was swept away by the floodwaters. The constable breathed his last in the suffocating water. His body was found and taken to hospital. Srinivasans who came to rescue the victims along with them .. Fellow staff shed tears over the sudden death in the flood waters.