Rajanna Sirisilla: Corona patient's body outside the hospital .. ignored for a...

Rajanna Sirisilla: Corona patient’s body outside the hospital .. ignored for a long time ..

Government hospital staff in Rajanna Sirisilla district have come out of negligence. The atrocity took place in Potgal, Mustabad zone of Sirisilla district. However, it was only later that he learned that he had a corona. Full details ..

Sheikh Madar, a native of Potgal village, has been ill for some time. He was rushed to a hospital in Mustabad Mandal. The doctors who medically examined Madar explained that Corona was positive and that his condition was serious. Family members were advised to be taken to Sirisilla Area Hospital immediately. Madar died on the way to the Sirisilla Government Hospital in an ambulance. Kovid ambulance crew left the body on the premises of Sirisilla Area Hospital.

Locals said the body was still there a few hours later. However, he said the hospital staff was negligent. A relative of the deceased complained that at least the body had been left outside without even being moved to the morgue. Patients at the hospital were alarmed to learn of the death of Madar Kovid.


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