Ramayana TV joins BJP Serial actor

Ramayana TV joins BJP Serial actor

New Delhi: The famous Ramayana TV. Serial actor Arunko joined the BJP today.

Actor Arun Kovil, who starred as Rama in the 1987 serial ‘Ramayana’ which aired on Doordarshan TV every Sunday, is 63 years old. Arunkovilai Cong., Used to campaign in various elections while in the party.

In this situation, the BJP in Delhi. Arunkovil, who came to the head office, said the BJP MP In the presence of Arjun Singh, he joined the party. The BJP is all set to take power in the forthcoming 5 state assembly elections, especially in West Bengal. The BJP has decided to drop actor Arun Kovil on the campaign trail as he is strategizing. Planned.



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