Rashmika Mandana with Young Director .. Pucca plan with Lucky Lady! ...

Rashmika Mandana with Young Director .. Pucca plan with Lucky Lady! Is it a workout ..?

Young heroine Rashmi Mandana is making a series of offers as a lucky beauty to cross the Tollywood ladder with the movie ‘Chalo’. Star Heroes is becoming a better choice, captivating the youth audience as a national crush. If Rashmika makes any film, it will be a hit and she will be a lucky lady. With this, offers are pouring in for her from other South Indian languages, including Bollywood. It is against this backdrop that she seems to have committed to make a film with young director Rahul Ravindran.

Rahul Ravindran is trying to make his mark as a director while excelling as an actor. After that he made a movie ‘Cupid-2’ with Nagarjuna and wrapped up the disaster. In this context, he got the opportunity to make a film under the banner of the famous production company Geeta Arts .. Lucky heroine Rashmika is planning to make a hit together.
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Rahul, who has prepared a lady-oriented story for Rashmi .. seems to have taken the green signal when she heard this story. Rashmi was impressed when she heard the story and immediately said that she did OK and would give dates soon. Rahul Ravindran is looking to complete the selection of other actors and enter the field with a definite strategy this time. So .. let’s see how much Rashmi’s luck favors Rahul !.


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