Renigunta Lodge commotion: came as a couple 2 days ago .. in...

Renigunta Lodge commotion: came as a couple 2 days ago .. in different rooms .. Mystery!

A couple committed suicide at a lodge near Bus Stand, Renigunta town in Chittoor district. Arriving at the lodge at the same time, they committed suicide in different rooms. The deceased have been identified as Venkat Gowda (35) and Anita (31). When Venkat Gowda died after drinking insecticide .. Anita committed suicide by stabbing herself. According to CI Anjuyadav, Venkat Gowd and Anita came at the same time two days ago and took different rooms in the lodge.

Police believe they committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon in the wake of this. However, why they committed the atrocity remains a mystery. A case of suicide has been registered and is being investigated, said CI Anju Yadav. Meanwhile, Venkat Gowda from Venkatagiri in Nellore district has been living in Tirupati for 15 years and trading in fruits. Anita from Satyanarayanapura in Tirupati also makes a living doing the same business.

However, the CI revealed that Venkat Gowda’s family members had said that Venkat and Anita had been living together for the past few years. The CI, however, said the two took two rooms and did not know the possible reasons for committing suicide separately. Have you committed suicide due to debt? Or for any other reason is yet to be ascertained at trial.


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