Rental cars can be up to six years old; Bahrain with...

Rental cars can be up to six years old; Bahrain with the announcement

Bahrain: The Bahraini cabinet has decided to renew the car rental law. It has now been decided to make the cars six years old. It has been five years now. It is decided to extend that law. The decision was taken by the Bahraini cabinet to create more opportunities for investors in Bahrain. The new decision could be of great help to car rental companies. It was also decided to accept applications for this. The cabinet also decided to simplify the procedures as part of providing more opportunities to investors. Also Read: The Ministry of Finance has decided to take such a decision to improve the functioning of the government. The government has decided to implement several projects in the country in 2019-2022. Priority will be given to projects that focus on small and medium businesses. The Finance Ministry said in a cabinet meeting that 74 per cent of such projects have been completed.


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