Rohit's half-century: India's slow game: Goalie's wicket gives hope to England

Rohit’s half-century: India’s slow game: Goalie’s wicket gives hope to England

Rohit Sharma’s fifty helped India to 99 for three in the first innings of the ongoing day-night Test in Ahmedabad.

England were bowled out for 112 in 48.4 overs in the first innings. Akshar Patel took 6 wickets and Aswin 3 wickets, leading to England’s decline.

The Indian team then started the first innings with 99 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in 33 overs. The Indian team is still 13 runs behind England

Rohit Sharma is unbeaten on 57 and Rahane is unbeaten on one.
Tomorrow’s game is very important. The game will depend on how the Indian team plays and scores tomorrow. If the Indian team scores 250 runs, it will be the biggest score at this ground.

The pitch has been in favor of spin. When the game starts tomorrow afternoon, the pitch will be somewhat well-coordinated for the batting as it will be well dried. Using this the Indian team players have to score. It is necessary to score up to 250 runs without losing a wicket tomorrow.

But it is also questionable whether Archer, Brad, Anderson’s bowling will attack the Indian team tomorrow. If England had added 150 more runs, this match would have been a tough challenge for India.

Rohit Sharma and Shobman Gill were the opening batsmen. While the pitch was conducive to spin, the England team was replaced by fast bowlers such as Anderson, Archer and Brad.

Brad, Archer and Anderson bowled very accurately and structurally so that Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill could not add runs. Thus very reluctant to add to the run. In it, Archer bowled at an unnatural pace and stunned the batsman, Raheet Sharma.

When Gill added 11 runs, Archer was caught by Crawley in the bowling and was bowled out. Pujara, who came next, came out at full speed. Leach bought the bowling quarterback and Pujara returned to Belle in the dugout.

Captain Kohli, who came in for the 3rd wicket, batted leisurely along with Rohit. Rohit Sharma hit a four from time to time to lift the score. 63 balls with 9 fours Rohit Sharma Fifty Scored.

The England player appealed by stumping Rohit Sharma. But, at the end of the TRS it was revealed that it was not out. Similarly, when the goalie added 24 runs, the Pope missed the goalie’s catch off the ball thrown by Anderson.

England feared the goalie would be anchored on the field. However, when the game was over and the goalie had added 27 runs, Boltaki was bowled out by Leach. Goalie and Rohit both added 64 runs for the 3rd wicket.

The wicket of the goalie has given the England team great hope for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the presence of dangerous batsman Rohit Sharma on the field is a matter of concern for England.

Earlier, England captain Root opted to bat after winning the toss. Crawley and Sibley started the game. Ishant Sharma started the innings with a catch to Rohit Sharma in the 3rd over and was out for a duckout. England lost the first wicket for 2 runs.


Burstow, who came next, joined Cole. Burstow was dangerous and bowled critically to Barstow from the start as he would raise the score greatly if stopped.

The first ball thrown by Akshar Patel was bought by Burstow in the Calcutta and went out in the dugout. England lost the 2nd wicket for 27 runs.

For the 3rd wicket, Root and Crawley combined for a relaxed run. To root Root patiently, Crawley hit occasional fours and a fifty off 68 balls.

Ashwin was called up to bowl. Root stumbled from the start to Ashwin’s bowling. When Root added 17 runs, Aswin bowled and bought the quarterback and walked out.
Stokes, who came next, joined Crawley. Akshar Patel was bowled out for 53 in the 50th over by Akshar Patel. England lost the 4th wicket for 80 runs.

During the tea break, England lost 4 wickets in 27 overs and scored 81 runs.


England lost wickets after the tea break. Stokes and Pope were both bowled out by England.

Akshar Patel bowled an over and Stokes was dismissed for 6. England, who had lost 3 wickets for 74 runs, lost 3 wickets before adding the next 7 runs.

Akshar Patel bowled Klein Boltaki as Zopraarcher added 11 runs. The next Leach added 3 runs when Ashwin bowled a catch to Pujara and walked out. Akshar Patel bowled Stuart Broad for 3 and lost the wicket. Patel bowled while Ben Fox added 12 runs. England were bowled out for 112 in 48.4 overs in the first innings.


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