Roja: He called me at night and asked .. Varsha who revealed...

Roja: He called me at night and asked .. Varsha who revealed the real thing .. Roja shocking reaction


  • Crazy couple Varsha, Emanuel on TV
  • Comedians who excel as a formidable pair
  • Varsha who revealed the word in the mind

Everyone knows what range to use if a couple clicks on the TV screen. Usually on every show they create a couple and try to get up. So Sudhir Rashmi Jodi has been entertaining the audience for the last seven years. And now everyone knows about the hustle and bustle that Varsha Emanuel is pairing up with. Their track was a workout on television in the color photo movie range.

The event was also specially held on these two. It looks like the Zabardast team is also working to promote the pair well. Roza however stands up to these two and asks questions about their love too. And the words that Varsha says at that time are in a range. What is the color madam .. Emanuel says that the mind is important.

He takes care of me .. He thinks of me .. He respects me .. What more could he want? Varsha says the words in her mind every time the occasion arises. In many cases, if Roza asks .. there are indirect hints that there is love between the two.
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Fresh once again Varsha revealed the thing in his mind. I committed suicide. I wrote something on YouTube .. How did you call last night .. Are you okay? What did not happen? He asked. At that time it seemed that the house thought so much of me? That .. Varsha says .. When Roza says that it is true love, both of them are angry with the tribe.

Varsha shared her thoughts on Emanuel, saying that the house seemed to be hers at the time. Zabardast team mates were shocked when Varsha said that in his mind. Rosa also expressed her happiness. Currently both Emanuel and Varsha are leading the Sridevi Drama Company show. The couple is being highlighted on the show. The romance of Varsha Emanuel, their track and comedy skits also impress the audience.


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