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Ronaldo raises the stock market by a huge amount .. “The index is green”

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys a sweeping mass appeal in which the clubs that contracted with him have invested since the beginning of his professional career until he reached the age of 36, who became just a number in front of his goals machine and continued his decisive influence in the stadiums, and even exceeded it to pump millions into the treasury of his club Manchester United, whose shares rose in the stock market English thanks to the “green pointer.. Ronaldo”.

And the British newspaper, “The Sun”, reported that Ronaldo succeeded in adding 550 million pounds to the value of Manchester United within 54 days and since his move to him on August 27, as the value of the Manchester United share rose 9.8 percent to 13.87 pounds, immediately after the announcement of the inclusion Ronaldo to continue to rise as it reached in September 15.09 pounds.
The British newspaper added that the financial value of the Manchester United team amounted to 2.46 billion pounds during September, after it was 1.91 billion pounds before the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo had set a historical record in the sales of players’ shirts, as his shirt (No. 7) in the Manchester United colors, sales of more than 200 million euros in just 8 days after it began to be sold in official stores, and the cost of one shirt for Ronaldo ranged between 80 pounds to 110 pounds. £150, according to the Daily Mail.

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