BusinessRs 7 crore won by lottery; The entire amount was donated

Rs 7 crore won by lottery; The entire amount was donated


  • Someone who spends the lottery money in a different way
  • The entire amount won by the lottery was donated to others

Unexpectedly a lottery is played. The prize money is a sum never even dreamed of. 7.6 crore. What do you think? A house worth Rs 2 crore. A vehicle worth one crore rupees. And some investment. There are those who think like this. But one person donates the entire amount of the lottery to others.

The prize money was given to family members, close friends and strangers in distress. The 47-year-old lottery ticket holder is an Australian citizen. The ticket was bought by Peter Charlton from a shop in Victoria. Although the prize money is Rs 7.6 crore, the amount received after tax will be around Rs 6.6 crore.

The incident that motivated me to take the lottery is interesting. During the one – hour drive home, the deceased’s uncle saw a pocket knife used in the car. Despite driving this far, the lottery ticket owner noticed that the baby knife was still on the top of the car. Having had a very positive experience I just decided to take the lottery.

It’s nice to give what you can to others, but many are not ready to do it. But kind people love to give what they have for the happiness of others. He is sharing his unexpected achievement with everyone.
12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and six bars; The house is worth Rs 1,846 crore

There are lottery trials all over the world. It was recently reported that a lottery ticket with the same number brought luck to a woman who was constantly trying her luck on the same number. The fortune won through the lottery was Rs 8.8 crore. The incident took place in Michigan, USA.

Tickets can be purchased online at The lottery, which was won when the lottery was taken in August, was once again a lucky draw. After winning the prize, she became the second person to win the highest prize money for the online 47 lot jackpot. The woman’s plan is to set aside the prize money for vacations and retirement investments. Earlier, another man from Wayne County had won $ 25 million in the same lottery ticket.


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