Sai Dharam Tej: False propaganda against Asif and Farhan who saved Sai...

Sai Dharam Tej: False propaganda against Asif and Farhan who saved Sai Dharam .. Young people feel that they are not true

Help but do not expect the result .. These young men literally showed this word. A man had an accident in front of his eyes .. When he saw that he was suffering from injuries, he did not leave because of us .. He came forward to help as a fellow human being. However, even after knowing that the savior was the nephew of the megastar .. even after knowing that the supreme hero is Sai Dharam Tej .. these poor young men Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Abdul Farhan are saying with a big mind that ‘he is good enough .. he is not saved as a hero .. we only helped him as a human being’. Both of them were talking to ‘Samayam Telugu’. They want to take action against those who are spreading false news about them. What are they saying ..!

Mohammad Asif was on the spot when the painter Sai Dharam had an accident. Sai Dharam Tej, who fell from the bike and was recovering from his injuries, was brought to the side with the help of his friend Mohammad Abdul Farhan. Sai Dharam Tej tried to drink water. However, Asif says that he does not know that the injured person is Sai Dharam Tej but he is the nephew of a megastar.

Asif seems to have helped just like any other man .. Some people are spreading false propaganda against him .. Mega family heroes have given ten lakhs .. Five lakhs .. They have given a car .. They are writing that whoever wants bikes .. But till now, except for the police, they have a mega family. No one has called since. It is not their nature to expect help and results. However, some people suffer from writing such false news. “We do not want anyone to help us,” he said. Asif expressed his displeasure at such news.

The second person is Mohammad Abdul Farhan. He works in the parking lot of Nizam Peta CMR Shopping Mall in Hyderabad. Sai Dharam was the first to see the accident. He immediately called 108 before the accident and then informed the police. The ambulance went some distance behind. Moreover Sai Dharam Tej tried to give information to the family members from the phone. However his attempt was in vain as the screen was locked over it being an iPhone. After that Sai Dharam Tej checked the purse .. As there was only money in it, he took the double again and put it in the purse .. He called the police, 108.

However, even Mohammad Abdul Farhan did not know that the person injured in the accident was Sai Dharam Tej. Farhan said .. ‘Today the bike came at over speed. The cart may have a speed of about 100 km / h. However, due to the sand on the road, he lost control and skidded. I tried to get him to drink water with the help of my friend .. He was immobile and unable to speak. I immediately called 108. After that 108 people asked me to call the police.

Asif, Abdul

We know that Sai Dharam Tej is recovering .. very happy. We did not know that he was a hero .. We do not even know who he is .. We responded as a fellow human being. However, some people are writing false news about us. They say that we got money from Mega Family .. gave in lakhs .. gave car .. gave bike. Not all is true. The original has not gotten us a phone call from Mega Family so far. No one spoke to us except the police alone.

Although we are financially backward, we do not expect a reward for our help. We are happy if the hero recovers. We are working hard .. that’s enough for us .. please do not spread false news and spread rumors about us’, said Farhan.


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