Samantha is my lover .. love for her is infinite .. Akkineni...

Samantha is my lover .. love for her is infinite .. Akkineni Kodalu who revealed those Kurrodi photos herself !!

We see a lot of puppies who are madly in love with the heroine. If there are some people who are just fans of this .. that heroine is another person who fills her mind with love. One such fan recently shared some photos on his social media account expressing his intense love for Akkineni Kodalu Samantha. Simultaneously Samantha tattooed her name on her arm and revealed her love too. However, Sam who saw these photos .. giving a different expression and re-tweeting them are going viral.

A boy who opened a Twitter account under the name Pawan Sammu .. tagged Samantha by posting those photos with Samantha (Sammu)’s name tattooed on his hand. “Sammu .. you are my first and last love. The love that is upon you is infinite. My love for you is eternal as well .. This tattoo is also eternal ” wrote the tag line. Samantha re-tweeting these photos has become a hot topic here, aside from the fact that a fan loves a heroine so much. Seeing this, Sam fans are reacting one by one. Many people are commenting on the love for Samantha.
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Now the Samantha Divorce issue on the other hand is going viral. Akkineni fans were alarmed to learn that Chai-Sam was going to get a divorce and had already resorted to family court and counseling. However, there has been no response from the Akkineni family on the issue so far. It is suspected that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are also silent despite the news of O Range.


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