Samantha: It's a matter of words! Intense suspicions over Chai-Sam divorce...

Samantha: It’s a matter of words! Intense suspicions over Chai-Sam divorce with Naga Chaitanya comment

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha fell in love and got married. Sam got married in the presence of the elders and entered Akkineni. Satta went on to star in a series of films after her marriage as if she was different from all the other heroines. While Atu Naga Chaitanya and Itu Samantha were entertaining the Telugu audience to the fullest, the news like a thunderbolt caused a stir among Akkineni fans. Same Chai- Sam Divorce.

The issue of Naga Chaitanya-Samantha divorce has become a hot topic in cine circles over the last few days. Samantha’s deletion of the word Akkineni from her Twitter account, as well as not sharing a single pic of Chaitu landing on social media in the recent past, and the recent Naga Chaitanya – Samantha divorce affair have been the talk of the town.

With the news that the two have already filed for divorce by mutual consent and counseling for both of them has been completed, they are talking to anyone about this issue. Meanwhile, with the release of the ‘Love Story’ trailer, Sam commented on Twitter that he is a ‘winner’.
Samantha to shift to Mumbai! Chai-Sam Divorce Issue has become a hot topic in cine circles
Meanwhile, Naga Chaitanya re-tweeted the tweet made by Samantha and tagged it as ‘Thanks Sam’. Although this caused a bit of a stir for Akkineni fans .. it raised new suspicions. There has been a mixed response from netizens. While some are reacting that Chaitu is giving ‘Love’ emoji because she is not putting it somewhere .. Others are commenting that it is to put a full stop to Chai-Sam divorce matter. O Range is creating memes on these two. So .. all in all what is the real matter of Chai-Sam is still suspenseful !.


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