EntertainmentSamantha: Samantha's reply to KTR tweet .. Netizen who reacted sharply ..!

Samantha: Samantha’s reply to KTR tweet .. Netizen who reacted sharply ..!


  • Sam replies to KTR tweet
  • Intense netizen reply
  • Fans in shock

Telangana Minister KTR recently tweeted. It was also a tweet that was purely political. Unexpectedly, the star heroine expressed her support for this tweet, which came as a bit of a shock to her fans. What KTR actually tweeted so far. Why did Samantha react to it? Going into the matter, it is known that the central government has recently informed that the BJP is withdrawing three of the farmer laws. The Telangana government reacted to this. The Chief Minister spoke to KCR Media about this. He said the BJP government should apologize and dismiss the treason cases filed by the government against the farmers, saying that it was a good outcome to back down on the farmer’s laws. They also demanded that Rs 25 lakh each be given to the 750 farmer families who died in the movement. Apart from that, Rs 3 lakh will be given by the Telangana government, he said. KCR is currently touring in Delhi.

TRS party factions are happy with KCR’s announcement that it will give Rs 3 lakh to 750 dead farmers. KCR’s nephew, Telangana Minister KTR tweeted about this. Samantha sent a salutation mark in reply. It just became a problem for her. Some netizens are mistaken for Samantha. ” Who said that the suicide of those 763 farmers was about the new agricultural laws? Why should the people of Telangana pay their compensation of Rs 3 lakh to them ..? Look back and forth before tweeting a bit. If farmers in Telangana die, the state government will not release the money unless the insurance provided by the central government is missed. Should we give money if we die somewhere in another state? In our sar language, if you put it together with your mother, you will give glasses to your stepmother! ” A netizen reacted sharply to Samantha.

When it comes to movies .. Samantha focuses on movies after splitting from Nagachaitanya. Apart from making two bilingual films, Allu Arjun and Sukumar will also be doing a special song in the upcoming film Pushpa The Rise in combination. Apart from this, there are rumors that a movie will be made in Bollywood soon.