'Saranga Daria' controversy over: Komali who met Shekhar Kammu .. no objection!

‘Saranga Daria’ controversy over: Komali who met Shekhar Kammu .. no objection!

The controversy over the song ‘Saranga Daria’ in the upcoming film ‘Love Story’ directed by Shekhar Kammula is over. Folk singer Komali, who collected the song, has made it clear that she has no objection to the use of the song ‘Saranga Daria’ in the film. Komali made the announcement after meeting director Shekhar Kammula on Wednesday.

Singer Komali said, “I have been suffering for so many days that the song Saranga Daria was not sung with me in the movie Love Story. I have expressed the same concern through some media. Today I met director Shekhar Kammula Gari on the initiative of director Suresh Gari who introduced the song Saranga Daria to the world through Relare Rela. Is happy. He said that he will definitely sing with me if he has a chance in his upcoming movies. He will also sing the song ‘Saranga Daria’ with me on stage during the audio release of the movie ‘Love Story’. Is very happy. I have no objection to the song ‘Saranga Daria’.

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Director Shekhar Kammula said .. ” I have not been able to meet the singer Komali Gari for so many days due to communication problem. We talked face to face today. As I told her, if there is a chance to sing a folk song in my film in the future, I will definitely give Komali a chance to sing. I have already said through social media that I will keep the promises I made. Komali was happy. I think this dispute with Indati is over, ”he said.


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