Second Wave: If not blocked now .. Modi's key hints to CMs

Second Wave: If not blocked now .. Modi’s key hints to CMs

APrime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the Chief Ministers of all the states and Union Territories to take concrete steps to curb the Rona virus. It was suggested to increase the number of tests and the number of testing centers drastically. Corona said the rules should be enforced more strictly. Decisive action should be taken to prevent the second wave. On Wednesday (March 17) a video conference was held with the chief ministers of several states. Discussed with CMs on corona control, vaccination etc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern over the resurgence of corona cases in several states of the country. Kovid advised the chief ministers to take immediate and decisive action without reaching the second stage. Modi mentioned about the increase in cases in several districts over the last few days. Modi warned that the epidemic was in danger of spreading across the country if the rise in cases was not stopped now. Modi recalled that new cases were on the rise in many countries, adding that India was one of the countries with the lowest corona deaths. He said the vaccination process in the country was gaining momentum. Modi suggested increasing RT-PCR tests. Kovid suggested that 70 per cent of the tests should be done by RT-PCR test. Mentioning Kerala, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh, he said not to rely on antigen tests. Modi suggested focusing on small towns to detect infection. Villages are told to take precautions against corona virus outbreaks. ‘The confidence that India has gained by fighting the Kovid-19 epidemic .. should not lead to neglect. Instead of making people anxious and scared, they should take precautionary measures to remove their troubles, ”Modi said. Modi said 10 per cent of vaccines were wasted in AP, Telangana and several other states. Suggested to review on this.


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