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Separate Board of Education for Delhi Schools: Announcement by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi

For 2,700 schools located in Delhi Separate Board of Education The Delhi government has approved the formation.

about this Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal told reporters yesterday:

There are currently 1,000 government schools and 1,700 private schools in Delhi. All these are functioning under the CBSE Board of Education.

In this context, ASU has approved the formation of a separate board, the Delhi Board of Education (DPSE), for the 2,700 schools located in Delhi. Initially 21 to 22 government schools will be attached to this board. All remaining schools will be brought under the Board over the next 4 years.

A board headed by the Delhi Education Minister will be set up for this separate education board. An Executive Committee headed by the Chief Executive Officer will be set up and monitored.

The Board will work to facilitate the teaching of world-class, high-tech methods to students. The Board of Education will assist in providing education to the best of the ability of the students.

Thus he said.


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