Sharwanand: Media scolded

Sharwanand: Media scolded


  • Sharwanand Press Meet
  • Sharwa coming with Srikaram movie
  • Grand release on March 11

Hero Sharwanand said that it is my responsibility to make Srikaram movie. The ones who harvest have become less .. The ones who eat are becoming more .. If such a film is not made in such cases, it will be very much missed, said Sharwanand. The movie ‘Srikaram’ starring Sharwanand and Priyank Arul Mohan as heroines will be released on March 11. A media conference was held on Saturday as part of the movie promotions.

Hero Sharwanand said on this occasion .. ‘It has been many days since I saw everyone. Very happy .. first. Talking about the movie .. Srikaram felt it was his responsibility to do more than what he would do when he heard the story of the movie. Because stories like this do not happen again .. Because I was born and raised in the city .. I do not know what a farmer is .. When I heard the story, a farmer is in our life .. If they harvest .. We do not eat .. They harvest less .. We eat more .. We are getting better Thanks to Kishore for writing the story .. as well as our producer commercial movies .. it is very easy to do things like this. But when I heard a story like this, let’s do a story like this.

The first call came from Charan when the trailer of the movie was released. ‘Hey, when I see the first trailer of this movie, will I support it .. What should I do? I mean .. you are saying such a good point .. there should be support for one another in this industry at this time .. what a good word he said .. thankyou charan .. this is great support. He immediately phoned Chiranjeevi .. We cut a video and showed him that you should support him anyway .. On this eighth date .. Chiranjeevi agreed to participate in the freerelease event in Khammam.

Also, when I phoned KTR .. he convinced me to attend the event in Hyderabad on the ninth date .. because if such adults talk to us, the youth will be inspired .. Thankyou Chiranjeevi .. Thankyou KTR .. Thankyou Nitin, Nanny, Varun Tej for launching the trailer. Heroine Priyanka is a very good coaster. Always say she’s going to be a big star. Also speaking about Sai Madhav Gari .. our journey started with our ‘Idirani Roju Again’ .. then sitting next to him .. how is he writing if he is writing? Who was aware of that. That was the Great Experience.

We thought that if Saimadhav first wrote this story by accident, it would be a workout for this movie. If the dialogues are trending again and again, it will be better now. Media friends should also see you and tell you how the movie is. I will also come to your show .. I will know your opinion .. because I was cursed for the last two movies .. So I am trying to make good movies by keeping the years close. I will also take your opinion .. I will try to make good movies’, said Sharvanand about Srikaram movie.


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