Sift across the state for Kamandhu .. Rs 10 lakh reward if...

Sift across the state for Kamandhu .. Rs 10 lakh reward if found, Sajjanar enters the field

Police are on high alert to nab Pallakonda Raju, accused in the murder of a six-year-old girl in Hyderabad, which has caused a stir in the Telugu states. While 10 teams have already been formed .. Police officers have recently appointed another five special teams. All these teams started sifting for the accused in three police commissionerates from Tuesday evening. Police officials have appealed to the public to call Dial 100 or 94906 16366, 94906 16627 as soon as they know of the information, even if he appears in the wake of the accused Raju announcing a reward of Rs 10 lakh to those who provided details. Additional DGP Shika Goyal, on the other hand, directed his superiors to discuss and investigate where the king is likely to be. Saidabad police are investigating his family members, relatives and acquaintances to nab the king who escaped on the day of the child’s murder. The king’s mother is reported to have told him that his son had left him as he was addicted to addictions and that he was staying with his daughter. The rest of the family, relatives and friends said they had not had a relationship with the addicted king for years. Police examined footage from CCTV cameras on all four sides of the scene to find out where the king had fled immediately after the child was killed. According to CC footage, the king and his friend went a short distance from Saidabad Basti and then to Elbinagar Junction. The investigation was halted as it was not known where the killer had gone from Elbinagar. Police collected details of buses and vehicles heading towards Vijayawada, Nalgonda, Suryapeta, Uppal and Aranghar from Friday night till dawn and showed the King’s photo to the passengers. Elbinagar‌ visited liquor stores, stone compounds, desolate areas and multi-storey buildings in the surrounding areas. Police and the government are under increasing pressure as the culprit has not yet been arrested in the days leading up to the child murder incident. Meanwhile, RTC MD VC Sajjanar responded to the incident. RTC employees have been directed to remain vigilant in the wake of police conducting Nakabandhi across the state for the accused king. RTC advised to immediately inform the police if any suspicious person is seen among the passengers boarding the buses. Defendant was ordered to post photos on all busstands.


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