Snake cub in a cool drink bottle .. if baboy drinks!

Snake cub in a cool drink bottle .. if baboy drinks!

M.The blades are getting darker. For those who are tired of being back in the sun, it’s nice to have something cold to drink. Most of such people are inclined towards cool drinks. Thumbs up, Pepsi, Limca, Seven Up, Maja .. kicks each other like this. Also take a look at this cool drink bottle taken by a tired man back in the sun in East Godavari district of AP.

Baboy .. did you see ..? Did the tears flow all at once? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. How did it get into the bottle? Don’t ask that ..!

Amalapuram: A snake in a cool drink bottle.

Cool Drink‌ We have heard in the past about the occurrence of tiny worms in bottles and read the news of the contamination of chemicals. But, the snake is coming .. Is there anything else to drink without looking? This victim is also expressing the same consciousness. Touch it over the snake cub. Gaba Gaba If you keep that bottle in your note and get drunk ..? What if the poor still mocked and took that bottle when it got a little dark ..?!

Same question again .. How did the snake get into the original cool drink bottle, Babu ..? Isn’t that believable at all? The victim said the baby snake was found in a cool drink bottle taken from a bakery at Peruru Y junction in Amalapuram in East Godavari district. Locally he works as a volunteer.

‘A 3-inch snake was found in a bottle of cool drink. The bottles were supplied by the Cool Drink Agency three days ago. As soon as we noticed the snake in the bottle, we complied with the suppliers and sent the stock back, ”said the shop owner. They say the snake in the cool drink bottle is already dead. The video has been circulating on social media. Many are concerned about this.

Under what circumstances are these being made? How neglected? Where are you packing? If not .. are you tampering? Do you bring water wherever it falls? Baboo .. thinking all this sounds scarier than that snake ..!

That is why, as our elders said .. if you are tired in the sun, you need cold buttermilk. Otherwise drink coconut milk. If it is not even kicked .. make lemon juice with cold pot water and drink it. Seeing all this, they seem to be much better .. And that’s it .. If you have to drink a cool drink like this again .. Take care of those bottles underneath ..!

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