Someone said 'our' is blurred! .. Prakash Raj Comments Viral

Someone said ‘our’ is blurred! .. Prakash Raj Comments Viral

Everyone knows how the Movie Artist Association (MAA) affair is turning out. Until recently everyone on the panel had a positive image. But Prakash Raj was out when Jeevita Rajasekhar came into the panel. With Bandla Ganesh coming out and contesting for the post of General Secretary as an independent candidate, the hustle and bustle has become. Everyone knows how much controversy the comments made by Bandla Ganesh coming out are leading to. However, Prakash Raj calmly responds to any comments made by Bandla Ganesh or counters. The Cold War between Jeevita Rajasekhar and Bandla Ganesh is on. Recently, however, Prakash Raj announced his modus operandi. He explained what he would do if he was elected as our President. The comments made by Prakash Raj in this regard are going viral. Forgetting the wrongdoer does not forgive the one who is silent. That’s why I don’t want to be silent. Not to mention the heights he reached .. how many people he climbed .. how many people he grew up with. That was the lesson my mother taught me. My mother helped a lot and became an educated nurse. So I also wanted to help everyone. Turned our association into a charity. Should be transformed into a strengthening association. So far there has never been a competition between the two .. who is behind them .. are there any favors? Or not? It is wrong to look at that .. except for the association where artists have to go to someone’s feet when they have difficulties .. there is no association that does without difficulties’, he said. Prakash Raj spoke about our association and the manner in which the elections are being held. Panel members do not ship here. Members run. If good people are elected .. Members will win. Otherwise they will lose. The media comes forward and says that someone is blurring us .. blurring is not ‘us’ .. it is the members who are running it. That is, indirectly, Nagababu’s remarks were counter to yours by Prakash Raj.


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