Sri Vishnu brought out the logic that every girl wants something like...

Sri Vishnu brought out the logic that every girl wants something like that .. Rajamouli support for ‘Gaali Sampath’

Natakirti played the title role in the film ”. The film stars Young Hero and Lovely Singh as the heroines. The film is directed by Aneesh and directed by Anil Ravipudi. Sahu Garapati, Harish Paddy, S. on Shine Screens, Image Spark Entertainment Banners. Krishna is producing the film. Music was composed by Achchu Rajamani. Chitraunit, which has recently completed shooting and is all set to release the film on March 11, is pushing for promotions. As part of this, director Dheeru Rajamouli has recently launched a movie trailer. The makers boosted the hype on the movie with this trailer which was cut to 2 minutes 17 seconds long. “When children make mistakes, parents patiently correct them. The trailer started with a dialogue in which the hero Sri Vishnu says, “When an adult gets a mustache, he just gets annoyed with whatever he does. He gets angry. I also have to ask my father to be patient and loving.” “Every girl wants Dabbunnode .. otherwise she wants Farinodu .. What do you give Dabbunnodu?” Dobbe promises. Where does time come from? ” Sri Vishnu said in a logical dialogue with the heroine and impressed with his performance. All in all, it is clear from the trailer that in this ‘Gaali Sampath’ movie, along with comedy, father and son emotion and love are going to be shown in a new way.


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