Srimukhi at the Nagarjuna event .. King given by Sweet Hug

Srimukhi at the Nagarjuna event .. King given by Sweet Hug


  • Srimukhi’s growing up with Nagarjuna through ‘Bigg Boss’
  • Srimukhi narrated the ‘Wild Dog’ event
  • King affectionately embraces the star anchor

Star anchor Srimukhi is buzzing everywhere. Srimukhi is naughty while acting sober. And Srimukhi does not stop at those he likes .. those who are close to his mind. They get along very well and make noise. At a recent ‘Wild Dog’ press conference, Srimukhi sang like a lazy lady. The reason for this is King Nagarju. Srimukhi, who saw Nagarjuna after a long time, could not stop his joy and ran towards him. Nagarjuna greeted Srimukhi warmly and hugged her.

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The film ‘Wild Dog’ stars Dia Mirza, Siamese Care, Atul Kulkarni, Ali Reza, Bilal Hussain, Prakash Sudarshan, Mayank Prakash, Rudra Pradeep, Anish Kuruvilla, KC Shankar, Shawwar Ali and Avijit Dutt in the lead roles. Produced by Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy under the banner of Matney Entertainments. Directed by Ahishore Solomon. A press conference was held in Hyderabad on Monday to announce the release date of the film and to tell the story of the film. Srimukhi acted as the narrator for this meeting.

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Srimukhi saw Nagarjuna coming to attend the meeting and approached him smiling. He greeted Srimukhi and hugged him affectionately. Nagarjuna knew about Srimukhi’s closeness by participating in the ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Srimukhi went to Nagarjuna with this milk. Nagarjuna also made a special mention of Srimukhi’s name while speaking on the occasion. “It has been many days since I saw you, Srimukhi. I am happy,” he said. Srimukhi was overjoyed with this. The movie ‘Wild Dog’ will be released worldwide on April 2.


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