Sunnis to save Kaaba from Iran; Saudis celebrate Dubai police tweet

Sunnis to save Kaaba from Iran; Saudis celebrate Dubai police tweet

Riyadh: The Saudis are protesting against the Dubai Deputy Chief of Police’s statement that a Sunni army should be formed to protect the Kaaba, a Muslim holy site, from Iranian and Houthi attacks. Saudi social media users have taken to the streets to protest against the tweets of Dubai Deputy Police Chief Dahi Khalfan.

O Sunnis, save the Ka’bah

Khalfan tweeted that there would be attacks on the Kaaba by Houthi rebels in Iran and Yemen, and that Sunnis around the world should organize to prevent it. He called on millions of Sunnis to encircle Makkah and establish a security cordon for the Kaaba. “The Sunnis have no choice but to defend Iran’s attack until death. Let Iran see who the Sunnis are and where they are. Believe my words, the Shiites’ plan is to conquer Mecca, “said Khalfan.

Widespread criticism of Khalfan’s tweets

Thousands of Saudis have taken to social media to protest Khalfan’s call. One group commented that telling Sunnis to organize to protect the Kaaba was a statement that increased hostility between Shia and Sunni sects. They also accused Khalfan’s tweets of inciting fighting between Sunnis and Shiites.

God will protect the Kaaba

Maram Abdul Aziz, a Twitter user, said that God would protect the holy Kaaba and that it did not need a calf call. This is a vicious attempt to pit Muslims against each other. They ridiculed Dubai, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in neighboring areas, pointing out that there are places where Iran can attack and show that there are ‘strong men’ everywhere. They also warned Khalfan not to fall for the calls from some quarters to organize and fight.

Do not underestimate the power of Saudi Arabia

Saudi social media users have accused Saudi Arabia of undermining its call to organize with Sunnis around the world and protect the Kaaba. They also made it clear that God would protect the holy sites, including Makkah and Medina, through those in charge of its protection.

Khalfan’s position is double-edged

Meanwhile, Muqlid al-Fadil, another Saudi Twitter user, commented that Khalfan’s tweets were evidence of his double standards. He wrote that if there was sincerity in what Khalfan was saying, Dubai should first abandon trade and trade relations with Iran in support of the Sunnis. Words without deeds are hypocrisy. The protection of Makkah is in the hands of God and the Saudi family and the Saudi people who have been trained to fight. “If only the Saudi monarch could make a move, Iran would be burned to the ground,” he tweeted.

Protect your own islands first

Majid Mohammed’s response was to call in troops to protect the three islands of the UAE, which have been occupied by Iran since 1971, before coming to defend the Kaaba. In addition, Iran claims the islands of Abu Musa, Greater Thumb and Lesser Thumb in the UAE. He wants to make a decision first.


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