SportsSunrisers that shocked RCB: Umran, Holder, Earthquake: ABD strikes victory

Sunrisers that shocked RCB: Umran, Holder, Earthquake: ABD strikes victory

Sunrisers Hyderabad thrashed Royal Challengers Bangalore by 4 runs in the 52nd league match of the IPL 20 in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

Batting first, Sunrisers Hyderabad added 141 for 7 with a target of 142 to win.

Consolation wins

Although this victory was of no use to the Sunrisers, we can take comfort in the fact that we went out victorious when we left. The Sunrisers would have struggled to get into the playoffs if they had shown similar skill in the last league match. This is Sunrisers’ 3rd win in the series.

At the same time, RCB’s dream of capturing the top two spots in the playoffs has been dashed. Even if they win the next match, RCB will only get 3rd place. Currently the RCP team is in 3rd place with 16 points.

At the same time, the Punjab Kings can take the top spot if they beat CSK at a good run rate. But the Delhi Capitals have to lose their last league match.


The victory of the bowlers

The bowlers are the main reason for the success of the Sunrisers team. This is because none of the batsmen in the Sunrisers team batted properly after Jason Roy (44) and Williamson (31) were out. Bowling with the aim of defending 141 runs, curled pride will only join the bowlers.

In particular, Holder’s 19th over was the turning point of Bhuvneshwar’s 20th over. Captain Williamson, who made two catches and a breakthrough run-out, won the man of the match award.


Failed from ABD !!!!

The RCB originates from the so-called ABD field of action, the batsman who can change the course of the game. He has been batting as an ABD batsman throughout the 2nd round this season. That messy batting continued in yesterday’s game as well.

In addition, talented players like ABD should be fielded as the 3rd player. But fielding him as the 6th player was the biggest mistake of the goalie captaincy.

Dig Dig 3 overs

The RCB team needed 29 runs to win the last 3 overs. Umran Malik Shaun Bass Ahmed added 11 runs in the 18th over, including 2 fours. It took 18 runs to win the last 2 overs.

Shaunpas Ahmed was dismissed in the 19th over by Holder, leaving Holder with just 5 runs left in the over. It took 13 runs to win the last over. Garden, were in the ABD field. Bhuvneshwar Kumar did not take a garden run in the first ball of the over and took a run in the second ball. ABD faced the 3rd ball and ABD missed the ball which came as Fuldas. In the 4th ball, the ABD Sixers thrilled.


Bhuvneshwar Fuldasa missed the 5th ball of the innings. It took 6 runs to win the last ball. RCB lost the toss and elected to field.

Hope for the earth

As the T20 World Cup draws to a close, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s bowling in such a structured manner will be a great boost for the team.

Good future for Umran

Umran Malik caught everyone’s attention in the first match. In his 2nd match too, he showed restraint and precision bowling and stunned the RCB batsmen. Malik, who started at 141 kmph in the first over, dropped Bharath in the 4th over.


In the next over, he bowled at a maximum speed of 153 kmph and stunned the RCB batsmen. Only one run in the first over and only 5 runs in the 2nd over Umran Malik Presented. He took one wicket for 21 runs in 4 overs. This includes 11 dot balls. Umran Malik is the player to be retained by the Sunrisers next season. Even if he is released, other teams will bid for Umran Malik at next season’s auction.

Wicket decline

The RCB team set a target of 142 for victory. Bhuvneshwar Kumar dismissed Virat Kohli (5) in the first over. The next Christian was bowled by Kaul for a run.

Stepping in for the 3rd wicket, Bharath joined the pair. Sreekar Bharath on 12 runs Umran Malik Fell at speed. Maxwell, the stepping pair batted somewhat persistently. As usual Maxwell began to come up with runs to spin the hood in action. Maxwell’s six, fours gave the RCB team hope of victory.


Maxwell Action

Maxwell added 40 off 25 balls (2 sixes, 3 fours) when he was run out by Williamson. Maswell and Padikkal added 54 runs for the 4th wicket. Rashid Khan, who added 41 runs for the second wicket, took the wicket.

Shaun Boss Ahmed and the De Villiers pair tried to play aggressively. Shanpas Ahmed lost the wicket in the Holder bowling for 14 runs. It took 13 runs to win the last over. But, only 8 runs could be added RCB failure Reached. De Villiers was unbeaten on 19 and Gordon on 2.

Batting is bad

For the Sunrisers, only foreign players Jason Roy and Williamson are confident in batting. None of the other Indian batsmen find it difficult to cross double-digit runs. The match also saw Abhishek Sharma fielded along with Jason Roy as the opening batsman.


But, Abhishek was out for 13 runs. Williamson and Jagan Roy paired up for the 2nd wicket. The Sunrisers added 50 runs for the loss of one wicket in the Powerplay.
70 off 58 balls to form a partnership. Williamson was out for 31 and Jason Roy was out for 44. The Sunrisers’ decline began after both were eliminated. The Sunrisers lost 3 wickets for 2 runs in the next 7 balls.

The midfielders and the last row players were all out for short runs. Saha (10), Holder (16), Priyam Cork (15) and Abdul Samad (1) lost wickets in vain. When Sunrisers team Williamson and Jason Roy were on the field, its score was estimated to be over 150 runs. But he got 20 runs less than that.
Herschelle Patel took 3 wickets and Christian took 2 wickets for RCB.


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