Surekhavani responds to second wedding news .. No Facebook account ..!

Surekhavani responds to second wedding news .. No Facebook account ..!


  • Rumors started circulating about Surekhavani with Suneet’s second marriage
  • Advertising that the daughter is getting married a second time as per her wish
  • Surekhavani denies that it is fake news

It is known that the famous singer Sunita got married for the second time. Sunita is married to businessman and Mango Music head Ram Veerapaneni. Sunita has already revealed that she got married as per the wishes of her children. However, since Sunita’s marriage, everyone’s attention has been on the anchor-actress Jhansi and actress Surekhavani, who have been industry single mothers. Will they also get married? That said, a lot of news has emerged.

Meanwhile, rumors that actress Surekhavani will be getting married for the second time have been circulating for two days. According to some websites, Surekhavani is getting married for the second time as per the wish of her daughter Supreeta. This started the campaign on social media as well. However, Surekhavani responded to the news. Surekhavani gave clarity through Instagram.

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Surekhavani took a screenshot of the news Facebook post published on a website about her second marriage and shared it on her Instagram story. It read ‘Fake News’. What’s more .. Surekhavani’s second marriage is a lie. In addition, Surekhavani shared the wedding news published on a website on Facebook. However, this is not Surekhavani’s original Facebook account. Surekhavani clarified that he does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. Revealed to have only Instagram account.

Surekha Vani Instagram Story

Surekhavani Instagram Stories

Meanwhile, Surekhavani’s husband Suresh Teja died in 2019 due to illness. Supreeta is the only child of this couple. Surekhavani has been an actress in the Telugu film industry for two decades. He recently appeared in the movie ‘Dirty Hari’. Surekhavani is acting in Telugu as well as Tamil. Surekhavani starred in the movie ‘Master’ which was released this year. Surekhavani is in constant touch with her fans through movies as well as Instagram.


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