That dialogue in 'Srikaram' is very good .. Trivikram's book for Sharvanand...

That dialogue in ‘Srikaram’ is very good .. Trivikram’s book for Sharvanand movie


  • The magician of words who released the title song of ‘Srikaram’
  • I heard the story .. Very interesting: Trivikram
  • The film is set to release worldwide on March 11

‘Srikaram’ is a movie co-produced by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta under the banner of 14 Reels Plus with Sharvanand as the hero. Directed by Kishore B. The movie teaser, which has already been released, has received a good response. Mickey J. Meyer provided excellent voices for the film. The title song of the movie ‘Srikaram’ has been released by Trivikram, the magician of words. The event, which was held at the Dasapalla Hotel in Hyderabad on Friday, was attended by Trivikram along with filmmakers Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta, film director Kishore B, actor Saptagiri and songwriter Ramajoyya Shastri. The film is set to release worldwide on March 11.

Speaking on the occasion, Trivikram said, “14 Reels are my favorite producers with Ram and Gopi. They have always resorted to aggression. But now they are starting another chapter and preparing for it. Our Ranzo wrote beautiful lyrics. I saw three songs from this movie. Are very good. ‘Srikaram’ title song .. I am happy to release the 4th song on my hands. I saw the teaser .. I really liked it. I heard the story .. It is very interesting. ‘If the farmers have hair on their scalp .. those who cultivate it have as many mustaches on their mouths’ .. that dialogue is superb.

‘Srikaram’ is the perfect apt title for this film. The Big Thing to the Next World I Know Is Agriculture. Agriculture is very old but we have been living on it for thousands of years. The number of eaters increases as the population grows. Then agriculture must become profitable. But drifts at a loss. Director Kishore tried to come up with a solution through ‘Srikaram’. They are going to discontinue the old method and adopt the new method. Mickey, who composed the music for ‘Aa’, also gave wonderful songs to the film. My best wishes to all the artists and technicians who worked on this film.

‘Srikaram’ title song lyrical video

Songwriter Ramajoyya Shastri said .. ” I wrote the title song with words from my experience. I am very happy that it was launched by my very close friend Trivikram. It will be remembered for the rest of my life. Kishore opened the film with a good thinking point. Congratulations to Sharwanand and the producers who stood behind him and supported him. Listen to the song and enjoy.

Film director B. Kishore said, “I made a short film four years ago. Now I have done a future film with ‘Srikaram’. Thanks to our Sharwanand Anna who gave me this opportunity .. Ram and Gopi. Supporting the new director a lot .. made a good film. Yuvraj did beautiful photography. Also composed by Mickey Xlent Music. The response to the songs has been amazing. The film shows the relationship between a father and son along with agriculture, love failure and how to fill the small gap between us and our hometown. Yet we are going to show a lot of things in Srikaram in a way that everyone can think of. Sai Madhav Burra wrote wonderful dialogues. The film is set to release on March 11. I want everyone to watch this movie and make it a big hit.


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