EntertainmentThat monster should be hanged in 24 hours

That monster should be hanged in 24 hours

The atrocity took place a few days ago in the Singareni Colony in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. A man has brutally stabbed a six-year-old boy to death. He went to the heights of the girl .. raped and killed. He then left her body there and fled. The case has become a sensation right now. The parents said that justice should be done to them at the time of the incident. The relatives became worried. However, they calmed down after the police assured them that the accused would be severely punished. Celebrities are visiting that little family in this context. Already many politicians have expressed their condolences to the family of that child. Speaking on the occasion, they said that the Home Minister of Telangana was incompetent and demanded that he should resign as he was morally responsible for the incident. Recently the hero also met those little family members. Having spent some time with them, he stated that the actual incident could not even be called unfair. If those parents were crying at his feet .. he would feel like he was incapable of doing anything. It means that such an incident has taken place .. Everyone is going to be responsible for it. He said that women should still be taught how to respect and be with them. Manoj demanded that the police work hard to catch the accused. If the monster is found, he should be hanged within 24 hours. He said the media should also do justice to such people.


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