That's why when I asked for the movie 'Check' I said OK:...

That’s why when I asked for the movie ‘Check’ I said OK: Priya Prakash Warrior


  • Priya Prakash Warrior who starred opposite Nitin in ‘Check’
  • The film is set to release on the 26th of this month
  • Priya Warrior in front of the media as part of the campaign

Priya Prakash Warrior .. Young audience is not so easy to forget this girl. It was so hard to forget the scene she had blindfolded. Now the girl has acted in a straight Telugu movie. Youth Star Nitin Hero as Creative Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti under the banner of Bhavya Creations. ‘Check’ is a movie produced by Anand Prasad. Priya Prakash Warrior is the heroine in this. Interview with Priya Prakash Warrior on the occasion of the release of the movie on Friday (February 26) …

Welcome to Tollywood .. How does it feel?
Thankyou. Straight Telugu movie ‘Check’ in which I acted. After the Wink Moment came a lot of opportunities from Telugu. However, the ‘check’ came while waiting for a better story. Agreed without another thought.

When director Chandrasekhar called and asked what it was, he immediately said OK. Without even hearing the story ..!
Yes. I saw ‘All of Us’ directed by him. Not Telugu .. In Malayalam. There it was released under the title ‘Awe’. I could not miss starring my favorite hero Mohanlal in it. Seeing that movie made me realize how great a director Chandu Sar is. He called and asked you to act in ‘Check’. Senior, Brilliant Director asked .. Nitin over said that Rakul is doing. Good star cast, good production house so I happily did ok.

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What is your role in the film?
Can’t say much about my character. But, I can say that Aditya’s girlfriend is playing the role of Yatra. Nitin as Aditya. Aditya’s journey is a ‘check’. The trip played an important part in that journey. My character will be in the style of Adventure Girl.

How was your working experience with Nitin?
Nitin has done a lot of movies. Experienced hero. I’m just starting out. As such, I was tense at the beginning. However, everyone on the set made sure I was comfortable. Nitin Sr., I did not show differences like Newcomer. Everyone looked at us equally. Nitin is also the reason for that.

Chandrasekhar Yeleti says you acted well. What did you see in your acting on the sets?
Chandu Sar Expressions are neutral. It’s hard to tell if he’s happy or sad. We can not imagine. Looking at him after the shot is complete while shooting. I do not understand anything. ‘Sir .. did I do well? Okay? ‘ If asked .. ‘Ya ya ok’. He is the same whether he acts wonderfully or not. Does not understand. I am so happy to say that I acted well. The big thing.

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He said that you also sing songs on the sets.
I have a habit of singing songs if I have free time on the sets. Does something humming a song. Chandu Sar used to enjoy if I sang. ‘Do you speak at the’ Check ‘pre-release event? Will you sing the song? ‘ Asked.

This is your first movie in Telugu. Saying dialogues without prompting during the shooting. Have you practiced before?
Two days before the start of shooting, Chandu Sar participated in some reading sessions with the co-directors. I read every dialogue. I found out what its meaning was. If I fully knew what I was saying .. I would be able to express emotions well. I do not like the prompting idea. I can’t concentrate on acting if someone says prompting. I also practiced the dialogues in the next scene after the director said cut in the sets.

If you have learned dialogues in two days you are intelligent!
Laughing .. Sometimes the dialogues come after reading. Now if someone speaks to me in Telugu I will understand what they are saying. I can talk a little bit. If I make some other movies in Telugu, I will speak entirely in Telugu.

Not just talking .. are they also singing songs in Telugu!
I sang the private song ‘Lady Lady’. I want to sing in my movies if the opportunity arises. The only song in ‘Check’ is ‘I Can’t Stop Seeing You’. Wanted to sing that song with me before. Because .. I was humming songs on the sets while we were shooting. It was observed by Chandu Sar. Song track sent. But, could not. From now on I want to dub my character and sing songs if I get the chance.

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You have a lot of fans in Telugu. How do you feel about them?
The next level of love and affection shown by the Telugu people. I went to the ‘Check’ pre-release event. The crowd there is crazy though. Didn’t expect to get out of the crowd. Fans surrounded after the stage landed. I thought I was stuck here. It took some time to get from the stage to the hall. Blessing to own these people. I did nothing for two years after ‘Lovers’ Day’ (‘An Adar Love’ Telugu translation). Looking forward to a good project like ‘Check’. Has been a fan of mine for over two years. Every time I come to Hyderabad something like this happens.

What pictures are you doing right now?
Doing ‘Ishq’ in Telugu. I did ‘Vishnupriya’ in Kannada. I also sang a song in it. I acted in another film along with ‘Sridevi Bangla’ in Hindi.

Finally .. Have you seen the movie ‘Check’?
Nope. I wanted to see it with my family in Hyderabad. However, the younger brother has an exam on the 26th. Therefore, the family is not able to come to Hyderabad. ‘Check’ will also be released in Kochi. Plan to go to Shoki there with the family.


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