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The action to save the iris on the Swan Lakes in Kazan will be resumed in the spring

In Kazan, on the Lebyazhye Lakes, an action was held to transplant the air-shaped iris from the drying area to the water’s edge. Next time, measures to save a herbaceous plant, dying due to lack of moisture, will be held in the spring.

As the organizer of the action, eco-activist Timur Eskaraev told IA “Tatar-inform”, on Sunday, October 12, only 25 people gathered for the action. They had to transplant 1,000 roots, but they managed to accomplish only half of what was planned. Most of the roots were transferred to the shore of Lebyazhye Lake, the rest – to Lake Tchaikovsky in the Quarters in Kazan.

Environmentalists believe that the iris growing in the meadow near the Swan Lakes is doomed to extinction due to the decline in groundwater in recent years. This could happen in the next 10 years. Activists note that, despite the fact that the calamus iris is not listed in the Red Book, it is recommended for conservation.

Earlier it was reported that Rosvodresursy allocated over 36 million rubles for cleaning a pond in the village of Derzhavino in Tatarstan. The work will be carried out on an area of ​​34 hectares of water area. The pond is located near the St. Nicholas Church built in 1715.

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