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The corona spreads beyond control; Co-operate if you don’t want Lockdown: Eduyurappa appeals to the people of Karnataka

In the state of Karnataka Corona virus The spread is going beyond control, another Lockdown If not, Chief Minister BS Eduyurappa has appealed to the people to cooperate.

For the past few weeks in the state of Karnataka Corona virus The spread continues to increase. In the last 24 hours in a single day in the state of Karnataka since January 22, 922 people have been newly infected in Corona.

Of these, more than 600 have been affected in the urban areas of Bangalore alone. Currently, more than 8,000 people across the state are being treated for corona

Chief Minister BH Eduyurappa is scheduled to hold consultations tomorrow with the Chief Secretary, Health Secretary, top officials and the medical team in the wake of the changing situation in the state.

Chief Edyurappa In an interview with reporters today:

In the state of Karnataka Corona virus There is a level of transcendental control. We look forward to cooperating with the people. If people cooperate, for sure Lockdown Without enforcement, the corona can be controlled. I hope people don’t like a lockdown again.

For the past one month Corona virus The spread is gradually increasing. I am going to hold consultations with top officials tomorrow on controlling the spread of corona.

Restrictions will be imposed on the participation of a limited number of people in weddings, ceremonies and mourning events.

I ask people again. One again in the state Lockdown If people think no, wear a mask, adhere to social exclusion and cooperate with government action. This is how the corona spread gradually increased in Maharashtra. Steps are being taken to actively screen those coming from that state.

In the state Lockdown There are currently no plans to implement. But the decision will depend on the cooperation of the people. I will not allow Lockdown to be brought in, I hope people will cooperate.

A decision will soon be made on imposing stricter restrictions on people from neighboring states. Details of the restrictions will be revealed after the meeting tomorrow
Thus Edyurappa Said.


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