The customer quit his job angrily for not wearing a mask, the...

The customer quit his job angrily for not wearing a mask, the video went viral


  • A customer who comes to a restaurant without wearing a mask.
  • The waitress revealed that she was not allowed to wear the mask.
  • The young woman who left the job because she did not listen to the customer.

AIt is known that the mask must have changed in the wake of the Rona virus. However, some fools think that Corona has done nothing for them. Not only do they put themselves in danger but they also pose a threat to others. Hence, the Andhra Pradesh government has recently made masks mandatory. Failure to wear the mask will result in a fine of Rs.1000. This provision is not strictly enforced in our country. But, in other countries, minimum rules such as mask and physical distance for fines are being set aside. Restaurants and shopping malls are also allowed if there are masks.

If you want to know how strict the mask is in terms of physical distance .. you must watch this video. In this video that is going viral on Tic Tac Toe .. a customer went to a restaurant without wearing a mask. The waitress there advised her to put on a mask. The customer did not agree. Over got into an argument with her. The customer said that if he was allowed .. he would immediately go to the table and sit down. The waitress did not agree. All you have to do is put on the mask once and it will let you in.
Video: Father and child chased by an elephant at the zoo .. Reward for the mistake made!The customer replied that his lipstick would be damaged if he put on the mask. The waitress told the manager. Already depressed, she said, “People like this are making it harder to get jobs.” She took off her cap and apron and left. The shocked customer .. finally wore the mask. But, already that young woman was gone. The video is now going viral on social media.


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