IndiaThe 'EVM Machine' introduced in India in 1982: CPM winning the election;...

The ‘EVM Machine’ introduced in India in 1982: CPM winning the election; Cong won the case and won the ballot.

Although electronic voting machines were widely introduced across the country in 1998, they were introduced in India as early as 1982, and that too ended in chaos.

Last in 1982 in Kerala Ernakulam In the district, electronic voting machines have been introduced in only 50 polling stations in the Paravur assembly constituency. This is the first time in the history of Indian elections that electronic voting machines have been used here.

However, the election was marred by the use of ballot machines for the first time, and an interesting incident took place when the election was again held by ballot.

A. C. Jose from the Congress Party and N. Sivan Pillai from the Marxist Communist Party contested in this constituency. The two had a fierce rivalry. Shiva Pillai won by a margin of 123 votes.

However, A.C. Jose, who was not confident of election victory, filed a case in the Kerala High Court. In it, according to the Election Rules 1961, the Election Commission does not allow the use of electronic voting machines. He said EVMs should not be used under the Representation of the People Act. However, the High Court dismissed Jose’s petition.

However, Jose appealed to the Supreme Court against the Kerala High Court’s decision. The Supreme Court, which heard Jose’s petition, ruled in 1984 that all 50 polling stations used by the EVM should be re-elected, using only ballots. In the re-election held by ballot only for 50 polling stations Congress candidate A.C. Jose won.

The Supreme Court ruled that “according to the Representation of the People Act, elections must be conducted by ballot in accordance with the Electoral Rules, 1961. Elections may not be conducted in a new manner.”

Subsequently, in Parliament in 1992, the Representation of the People Act and the Electoral Rules were amended and a new section 61A was added. Accordingly, electronic voting machines have been widely used across the country since 1998.

Now, with the new system, the ballot box system has become more convenient for voters to know who they are voting for. The ballot paper will indicate the candidate of the party for which the candidate voted, his serial number and the name of the candidate. Once the ballot is inspected by the voter, it should be placed in a nearby box.


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