The first hotel in space is getting ready with a lot of...

The first hotel in space is getting ready with a lot of surprises


  • The world’s first space hotel is becoming a reality
  • The hotel is expected to be operational by 2027
  • The company behind this is the Orbital Assembly Corporation

New Delhi: Those looking for new places to spend their holidays will now start planning space travel. Not just for astronauts. Things are getting to the point where everyone can travel in space. The world’s first space hotel is becoming a reality. The hotel is expected to be a reality by 2027.

The company behind the dream project is Orbital Assembly Corporation. The company recently released new information about the resort, with pictures and videos being streamed online. The Adebara Hotel, also known as Voyager Station, can accommodate up to 400 people. Tourists and researchers can also see the wonders of the moons.

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The hotel models in the picture look like a giant wheel spinning outside the planet, suggesting that it works using artificial gravity. According to the hotel’s website, the luxury hotel is aimed not only at aerospace agencies but also at space tourists. The hotel is equipped with all the latest amenities.

The hotel is built in such a way that travelers can spend time in space as well as on Earth without any space suite like astronauts. In any case, a good amount of money can be spent on space travel and luxury hotel accommodation. The trip is expected to cost at least $ 2.5 million. Therefore, in the beginning, the super-rich will be able to realize their dream of space travel


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