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The lawyer explained the cases of inconsistency of Russian hotels with the declared “stars”

Tourists’ complaints about the discrepancy between Russian hotels and the declared number of “stars” are most often associated with overestimated expectations – it is just that in Russia “stars” are awarded according to different criteria than abroad. But sometimes the hotels do cheat, Georgy Mokhov, head of the legal commission of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST), told Izvestia.

“For example, there is a petty deception with the aim of a competitive advantage: a three-star hotel advertises itself as a“ four ”, keeping prices of three rubles,” the expert noted.

But, as explained by Georgy Mokhov, even a blatant discrepancy in “stardom” does not necessarily represent a special misleading:

“It also happens that the inspection of Rostourism reveals, for example, a four-star hotel, which, in terms of classification parameters, hardly pulls a“ two ”. But this can sometimes be an error in the classification procedure – or the hotel did not have time or could not bring itself into line with the category before the start of the season. They will be taken away from the hotel, which has assigned itself extra “stars”, ”the lawyer added.

At the same time, there are hotels that have not passed the classification at all, but indicate the presence of “stars” in their advertisements. True, there are very few such cases now, since the sphere is controlled, said Georgy Mokhov.

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