WorldThe mother who sold the child for 100 thousand rubles was arrested in Moscow

The mother who sold the child for 100 thousand rubles was arrested in Moscow

The Lefortovo court in Moscow arrested a 26-year-old woman who was trying to sell her newborn son for 100 thousand rubles. This was announced on Tuesday, November 23, by the press service of the court.

By a court decision, Evelina Fadeeva will spend two months under arrest, the woman was arrested until January 22, 2022. She is accused of selling a helpless minor. During interrogation, she admitted her guilt, writes RIAMO.

According to KP-Kazan, the woman did not register at the antenatal clinic, her own mother knew about her daughter’s pregnancy, but did not want to raise her grandson. When her daughter offered to sell the child, she did not object. The boy’s father did not fix any obstacles either.

On November 22, investigators opened a criminal case against a 26-year-old resident of Kazan, who is suspected of trying to sell her baby son. A criminal case was initiated under pp. “B, h” part 2 of Art. 127.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Sale of a minor, knowingly for the guilty being in a helpless state”), specifies the city news agency “Moscow”.

According to the investigation, the woman posted a message on the Internet about the search for parents for the newborn boy. She asked for 100 thousand rubles for her son, according to the TV channel “360”.

On November 22, she flew to Moscow, received the money, handed the child over to the customer and wrote a receipt. However, the deal took place as part of operational activities, the woman was detained.

At present, the child’s life is not in danger. The boy was placed in a specialized medical institution, writes “Moscow 24”.