WorldThe neurologist named the signs of headache with cerebral hemorrhage

The neurologist named the signs of headache with cerebral hemorrhage

Prolonged bursting pain may indicate a cerebral hemorrhage. This was announced on September 26 by the head of the Consultative and Diagnostic Center, a neurologist at the City Clinical Hospital No. 29 named after N.E. Bauman of the Moscow Department of Health Tatiana Von.

She clarified that the pain in this case will be different from the migraine.

“Our brain is in a closed cranium, some additional volume causes bursting headaches throughout the head. It may be accompanied by impaired consciousness. With a migraine, as a rule, half of the head hurts, the attacks are repeated, the parties can change, “- said the specialist on the air of the radio station” Moscow Says “.

Any lasting pain should cause alertness, she said. In this case, you should consult a neurologist, the doctor warned.

If the headache is a consequence of other problems, it will be accompanied by additional symptoms – neurological, infectious, somatic, the expert noted.

If the body has problems with pressure, the person begins to feel fullness in the head, as well as to hear tinnitus, added Vaughn.

Earlier in the day, she also listed foods that trigger migraines. So, these include chocolate, coffee and citrus fruits. The doctor noted that with migraines, it is necessary to seek advice from a neurologist.

As Vaughn added, migraine is characterized by severe headache, which is accompanied by nausea, photophobia. In this case, an attack of such pain can last from four to 72 hours.

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