TechThe new Apple Watch has a whole new look

The new Apple Watch has a whole new look

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 7, which looks a little different from its predecessors and features a redesigned Retina display with much more screen space and thinner bezels, making it the largest and most advanced display.

The narrower borders of the screen allow the display to be enlarged, with minimal change to the dimensions of the watch itself. Although the clock is not the largest. But everything on it should be more readable.

Apple Watch Series 7 design has been improved with smoother, rounded corners, and the display features a refractive edge that makes full-screen watch faces and apps seamlessly connected with the curve of the case.

Apple Watch Series 7 also features an improved user interface for the larger screen, providing greater readability and ease of use, as well as two unique watch faces — Contour and Modular Duo — designed specifically for the new device.

The bezels around the screen are slimmer at just 1.7mm, and the always-on display mode is 70 percent brighter.

The company claims you can fill 50% more text across the screen than the Series 6. The new screen also means new ways to interact, with a full keyboard that supports swipe.

And the bigger screen doesn’t mean it’s more sensitive, as the company claims it’s crack-resistant and now has an IP6X rating for dust resistance and maintains a water resistance rating of WR50, which means it should be able to dunk in sand at the beach or deal with other dusty environments.

The latest watch continues to offer essential health and wellness tools, including the electrical heart sensor, ECG 3 app, blood oxygen sensor and app.

The small watch moved from 40 millimeters to 41 millimeters and the large watch moved from 44 millimeters to 45 millimeters. This makes these watches the company’s largest to date.

The new Apple Watch has a whole new look

The small watch is now only 1 millimeter smaller than the largest watch introduced in 2014.

But larger cases shouldn’t mean you have a larger device across your wrist. And the Apple Watch Series 7 should have a much longer battery life. The 6 Series offers up to 18 hours of battery life.

Aside from the changes mentioned above, the Series 7 is a lot like the Series 6: the same sensors and processors and the rumored big box hasn’t been redesigned.

And like the Series 6, the new Series 7 offers up to 18 hours of battery life. It includes a charger that charges via USB-C instead of USB-A. With charging up to 33 percent faster.

On top of that, the company claims that eight minutes of charging gives you up to eight hours of battery life.

The watch comes in five total colors, black, gold, blue and the usual red. In addition to the dark green that appears in sync with the new strong support.

Besides the premium Apple Watch updates, the company has also added some new features to Watch OS 8.

And outdoor cycling now has better support. And the exercise should stop automatically when you stop at the light or just take a break.

Fall support now also appears in workouts. So if you stumble during a workout, the watch is able to call emergency services.

Furthermore, the new Series 7 starts at $399. Available later this fall.

“Apple Watch Series 7 brings significant improvements from our largest and most advanced screens to enhanced durability and faster charging, making the world’s best smartwatch better than ever,” the company said. Powered by watchOS 8, Apple Watch delivers useful new capabilities to help customers stay connected, track activity and workouts, and better understand their health and wellness.


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