IndiaThe struggle that reached its 100th day in Delhi; Thousands of...

The struggle that reached its 100th day in Delhi; Thousands of farmers involved in highway blockade: traffic jam

Opposing the new agricultural laws Farmers The ongoing struggle reached its 100th day yesterday.

In the border areas of Delhi against the new agricultural laws Farmers Are struggling. Several rounds of talks with the federal government ended in failure. in this situation, Farmers The struggle reached its 100th day yesterday

As a sign of this, thousands on the West Peripheral Highway in Delhi Farmers Engaged in a picket fight yesterday. In support of the struggling farmers already camped in Delhi, as well as from the states of Punjab and Haryana Farmers Participated in the Stir struggle.

The protest, which lasted from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., severely affected traffic on the 135-kilometer-long highway. The public was in great trouble.

Earlier, Bhartiya Kisan Union spokesperson Rakesh Dikait told reporters, “The picket is a sign of the intensity of the struggle against the new agricultural laws. Our struggle will continue until the complete abolition of agricultural laws that degrade the livelihoods of farmers. No matter how many days pass, we have no worries about it. We will not leave Delhi until the Central Government withdraws the agricultural laws. ”

Congress Review

Congress spokesperson Pawan Kera told reporters yesterday:

One hundred days have passed and not only the struggle of the peasants; The arrogance of the central BJP government. The central government is involved in all the activities that tarnish the struggle of the farmers. The government uses the media in their favor to humiliate the farmers. But the fact that the peasantry has overcome all these crises and gone through 100 days of struggle is truly a great success. The struggle of the peasants will be recorded as the black history of Indian democracy. Thus said Pawan Kera.

Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter yesterday to criticize the farmers’ struggle, saying, “The federal government is honoring the fathers (soldiers) of soldiers fighting on the border by nailing them on the roads.”


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