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The Taliban is sending hundreds of its forces to fight ISIS in the east of the country

The Taliban has sent more than 1,300 fighters to counter ISIS in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, the Washington Post reports.

The newspaper said in its report that “the Taliban’s nightly attacks against suspected members of ISIS-K are on the increase, and hundreds of those arrested have either disappeared or been killed according to Jalalabad residents and Taliban fighters.”

According to the report, the Taliban campaign caused shock waves across the province, and ISIS propaganda began to appear calling for recruitment and urging the residents of Nangarhar to rise up and resist.

It is unclear how many new fighters have joined the ranks of ISIS, but since the Taliban seized power, the group has strengthened, become more active and expanded its presence in almost every Afghan province, according to United Nations estimates.

The move highlights the increased fighting between the terrorist group and the militants now running Afghanistan, which will make it difficult for the Taliban to run the country securely.

The newspaper pointed out that the wave of ISIS attacks across Afghanistan is the first ongoing challenge to the Taliban’s grip on security since the group took control of the country in August. The escalating fighting in Nangarhar threatens to exhaust the Taliban’s limited resources and further alienate many Afghans from the movement.

ISIS began attacking Jalalabad within weeks of the Taliban’s takeover.

Local Taliban leaders initially responded by killing several accused collaborators and hanging their bodies along main roads and at busy intersections.

But since the brutal killings, the violence has only increased, according to data collected by local health officials.
Some Jalalabad residents and former Afghan government officials warn that the Taliban’s approach to restoring order will boost ISIS’s recruitment efforts.