Theft at Warangal Government Hospital .. Shock if you know what the...

Theft at Warangal Government Hospital .. Shock if you know what the thieves stole!


  • Theft at a government hospital in Warangal
  • The latest incident to come to light
  • Ate a device worth millions

Robbery is paving the way for a new policy. Thieves, who usually rob houses, temples, banks and ATMs, have not even left hospitals now. Recently, thieves broke into a government hospital in Warangal district and ate the item instead of guttuchappu. The matter came to light late. It is disturbing that a machine worth Rs. Wondering what the heck is going on in a government hospital? The incident became a sensation in Warangal district.

A laparoscopy machine worth about Rs 14 lakh has gone missing at the CKM Government Maternity Hospital in Warangal. The machine was procured by the Telangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Corporation in 2014 to diagnose gynecological diseases and set up at the hospital theater. Although it worked well for a while, the doctors put the device aside after the machine was repaired.

The machine, which remained in the operating theater until 2019, has disappeared as it is now. It did not appear to be a recent in-hospital gynecologist inquiring about a machine in the theater intended to treat poor people. With this the matter came to light. Hospital officials have ordered an inquiry into the incident. However, police suspect it may have been the work of hospital staff. The device had been rooted for several days and no one cared about it. It is hoped that this will slowly eat away at it.

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