Theft in a wine shop .. It is the theft of many...

Theft in a wine shop .. It is the theft of many brands


  • Located at a wine shop in Aswarapet, Khammam District
  • Mansion house cases worth Rs 2 lakh were seized
  • Police that the clues are inquiring in the field of tea

Bhadradri was robbed at a wine shop in Aswaraupeta, Kottagudem district. The mansion house was the only one picked up, despite the fact that the shop was stocked with many valuable brands. For this, the thieves made a big effort. Destroying CCTV cameras, burglarizing a shop, breaking locks, picking up hard disks on the go.

The theft took place on Tuesday night at Daggari Wines on Ootlapalli Road in Aswarapeta suburb. Earlier, the robbers smashed CCTV cameras and drilled a hole in the back of the shop. However that attempt was thwarted as only beer cases were found there. Going forward again this time they broke the shutter locks in unison and went inside. There are brands like Teachers, Black Dog .. do not touch them. Only Rs 2 lakh worth of liquor cases belonging to the Mansion House brand were picked up. They also grabbed the hard disks of the CCTV cameras while leaving.

Demand for the Mansion House brand is high in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. The police believe that the people there have stepped aside for this purpose. Even a month ago, Ootlapalli wine shop was selling Rs. Liquor worth lakhs was stolen. Local police registered a case on the latest incident. The Kottagudem Clues team entered the field and collected fingerprints.


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