EntertainmentTheft in the movie Fakki .. The shocked actress .. Has not...

Theft in the movie Fakki .. The shocked actress .. Has not eaten properly since then ..

Road looters .. We once heard that there were people in some forest areas. At a roadblock, Kapukasi stopped passers-by and threatened to kill them if they escaped with their valuables and cash. However after the rise of gun culture the exploitation of this road increased a lot. Keeping in mind the desolate place .. stop the cars going on that road .. show the gun to those who are traveling in it .. some thieves are stealing cash, jewelery and other valuables from them. No matter how much the police put surveillance for such people .. such incidents are still happening somewhere.

Recently, actress Nikita Rawal had a similar experience. Nikita has acted in films like ‘Mr. Hot Mr. Cool’, ‘The Hero-Abhimanyu’, ‘Garam Masala’ and ‘Cute Kamina’. Also, she has a good reputation as an organizer and performer in South Indian movies. However, a few days ago, on her way to visit her relatives in Delhi, some thugs stopped her car and stole a large amount of cash from her. According to her, an Innova vehicle came and intercepted her car.

Nikita said some masked men threatened her with guns. She said she did so when they threatened to give her other valuables, including gold. She clarified that their value could be around Rs 7 lakh. However, after this incident, she said that she was suffering from a lot of menstrual cramps. She has not been eating properly since then. The matter was reported to the police.


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