BusinessThis dog is super rich; The owner wrote off Rs 3,715 crore; Accommodation in...

This dog is super rich; The owner wrote off Rs 3,715 crore; Accommodation in a nine room bungalow


  • The richest dog in the world.
  • The traditional savings are over Rs 3,715 crore

The richest dog in the world. Want to know the assets traditionally inherited by the native Shepherd? 3,715 crore. The billionaire, who owns a pet dog, Gunther III, wrote off his entire fortune in the name of his pet policy. When the dog died, the money went to a dog named Gunther IV. Raja Yoga is now Guntar VI. The dog lives in a multi-billion dollar bungalow. The luxury luxury bungalow in Miami is priced at Rs 238 crore. The multi-billion dollar bungalow was built in 1928. In addition to the nine bedrooms, the bungalow has eight bathrooms and a giant outdoor swimming pool. This house is for sale now.

Traditional properties were donated to the dog in 1992 by the German countess Carlotta Leibnizstein. The $ 5.8 billion property is managed by a trust. The property was first acquired by the Gunta III dog, but the heirs inherited the property. This dog breed is decades old. Dogs all live in royal comforts. .

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The Tuscan-style villa sells for about $ 32 million. The villa was purchased from Madonna in 2000 for $ 7.5 million. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. They work in the real estate sector and have sold many large houses. But this is the first such experience. They reiterate that they could not believe it when the trust that manages the entire property said that the bungalow and the valuables attached to it were in the name of a dog.

The story of the dog’s inheritance is a story that no human can tell. The Ultra-Private Gated Estate has all the amenities. The bungalow is located in an attractive spacious area with lots of palm trees, rich landscaping and open port views. My dog. A meeting of yours!