EntertainmentThis is the relationship between Samantha Pritam

This is the relationship between Samantha Pritam


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  • Pritam Valle says fan fire
  • Makeup Artist Sadhana Singh Comments

Rumors of Samantha Naga Chaitanya’s divorce have been circulating throughout September. They came to an end on October 2. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have officially announced that Tamiddaram is divorced. They said that they were splitting up as husband and wife and that the friendship between them would remain the same forever. However, many rumors have surfaced about the Chaisam divorce issue. From there came a terrible rumor about Samantha designer Pritam Zukalkar.

Most people know about Samantha stylist Pritam. Everyone was shocked to see the intimacy of these two. It is known how much controversy has arisen over the photo of Samantha landing in Pritam. Pritam came to light mostly from that incident. However, Epreetham calls Samantha Jiji. That means Akka.

But some netizens have stuck to Samantha and Pritam. Pritam Valle says the affair went on till divorce. Samantha’s close friend, make – up artist Sadhana Singh has come under fire over such insults and rumors. Sadhana Singh and Samantha seem to have formed a friendship during Family Men Season 2. Sadhanasingh, Samantha and Pritam are always together. That’s why Sadhana reacted to the false rumors coming out about both of them. Samantha is called Gigi .. Do you know what Gigi means? The practice has been cracked down on those who make negative comments that mean sister.


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