Thousands of Afghans are stranded on the borders of Pakistan .. Satellite...

Thousands of Afghans are stranded on the borders of Pakistan .. Satellite images released


  • The misrule of the Taliban haunting the Afghan people
  • Thousands of Afghans fleeing the country.
  • Waiting to reach the borders by road.

The world has been alarmed by the sight of thousands of people stranded at Kabul airport to flee their homeland after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Even Afghans do not count the number of survivors fleeing the country, remembering the Taliban’s tyrannical rule nearly 20 years ago. Many people lost their lives trying to climb on the wings of an American plane. The same situation still persists there yet.

The Taliban closed Kabul airport on August 31 after a US military operation ended. In this context, the latest satellite images reveal that thousands of people are trying to cross the country by road and other means. These mirror the field situation on the borders of Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Photos of thousands of Afghans stranded on Pakistan’s borders have surfaced. Thousands are stranded at Shir Khan on the border with Tajikistan, Islam Khala on the border with Iran, Chaman and Torkham on the border with Pakistan.

Chaman in Spin Baldok is one of the main routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The congestion here has increased even more over the past few weeks. The Afghan people are coming to the borders to leave the country with their plight. Massive arrivals from other cities, including Kabul, are trying to cross the border.

Thousands of people gathered at the Chaman border on September 6, according to satellite footage. Pakistan closed the Chaman border last week due to heavy influx of people from Afghanistan. This is a testament to the fact that the Afghan people did not hesitate to leave their homes at home for fear of Taliban rule.


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