TMC, what is it? PM's new interpretation of Mamata's party

TMC, what is it? PM’s new interpretation of Mamata’s party

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Trinamool Congress has become a symbol of ‘Transfer My Commission’.

Speaking at an election campaign meeting in Burulia, May, Modi said: Mamata Banerjee should explain why Burulia has abandoned the city. The BJP will solve all your problems. The Mamata government has usurped the rights of the local people.

From the left to the Mamata government, the region did not want industrial growth. The drinking water problem could not be solved. Thus, I am well aware of the drinking water problems faced by the people of the area. The people of the city of Purulia are leaving. The state government has identified the area as one of the most backward in the country. . The state government has also abandoned the farmers. The Maoists are moving freely.

The people have decided to remove Mamata from power. We respect Mamta as the daughter of India. We are worried about the accident that happened to him. He should recover quickly. Mamata, who deceived the OBC faction, ignored the Dalits and Adivasis.

The Trinamool Congress has blocked free rice and money sent by the central government. Trinamool volunteers plunder central government funds for Amban storm damage May. We will give priority to providing employment to the youth of Bengal. The main weapon used by the Trinamool party is to spread fear.

We are confident in the direct grant scheme. Transfer MY Commission is Trinamool’s position. The countdown to Mamta’s departure has begun. Mamata will step down on May 2. On May 2, the mafia and its allies will be put to death. After May 2, people can avoid fear and engage in celebration. Thus he spoke.



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