To go to India you need a Cov Cov Negative Certificate; ...

To go to India you need a Cov Cov Negative Certificate; The provision also includes children and expatriates in crisis

Bahrain: The law will come into force from midnight today due to the crisis in the country as children are not exempted from the requirement of Kovid Negative Certificate to travel from Bahrain to India. Those traveling from Bahrain to India should upload the Kovid Negative Certificate on the Air Convenience Portal. The Bahraini Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued instructions in this regard. On arrival at the airport, Kovid will have to re-check at the airport at his own expense. Many countries do not require a Kovid test for children under the age of six. But in Bahrain, children will also be included in the Kovid test. The Kovid test result must be submitted within 72 hours of departure. Also Read: It was clarified yesterday that children should be tested for Kovid before leaving for India. Those who have booked tickets for the trip are now worried. Those who stay in the country with their family have to spend a lot of money for Kovid examination. Those who had hoped for a waiver would have suffered a major setback.


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